So they added the Scrum Values, now what?

Thema: Scrum Master

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

In this highly interactive session group participation is needed. Together we explore what the Scrum Values are, what trust is and what do these terms mean for a team. After that we will go into the elements of trust as noted in the Trust Quotient by the Trusted Advisor; credibility, reliability, intimacy and self orientation. You will learn what each element means and how you can work on increasing each element or in the case of self-orientation decreasing it. Through a series of exercises we find the answers on; So they added the Scrum Values, now what. The result of this session will be that you have concrete ideas how to work on the Scrum Values with your team.


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Referent: Evelien Roos
Xebia BV