How can we know if we are doing well?

Thema: Scrum across the organization

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

When I started out my career, I had the luck of being in a hyper-productive team. It was fun, we created long-lasting great personal connections, we made high-quality software and we were proud of it. Ever since I have been replicating that success and figuring out what causes teams to be great. There might not be a simple answer to that, but I have managed to figure out that there is a key ingredient that separates good teams and good departments from the bad ones. That key ingredient is high Process Efficiency. Join me at this talk to learn about why high Process Efficiency drives successful teams and organizations. Learn about obstacles to high Process Efficiency and clever ways to eliminate them. See you at Scrum Day!

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Referent: Frank Verbruggen
Diamond Agile