Why Your Scrum Team Should Practice Mindfulness for High-Performance


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What does mindfulness have to do with performance in the workplace? Research shows that when individual employees train in mindfulness, they are more effective at work due to reduced stress and anxiety, greater capacity for creativity and problem-solving, and improved focus. Mindful individual employees are also generally more satisfied with their jobs and suffer less burnouts. However, the real win for organizations is when entire teams engage in “team mindfulness” or “collective awareness”. Mindful teams, which have practices based on high levels of trust, empathy, and self-awareness, are also high performing. This is because these teams are able to build strong relationships, communicate more effectively, strive for continuous improvement, and prove highly resilient and adaptive in a changing business environment. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the following: - Define team mindfulness & why it matters for team performance - Understand three mindful practices in high performing agile teams – psychological safety, effective communication, & resilience - Learn & try out practical tools how we (team members, leaders…) can help develop our teams to be more mindful, high performing teams


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Referent: Catherine Kraus
Siemens Heathineers