A New Way to Rank Issues in JIRA: Comala Agile Ranking

Thema: Tools & Techniken

Zielgruppe: Beginner

In this session, Comalatech's Product Manager Gorka Puente will show you how to add effective ranking to your issues, leading to a more efficient sprint planning process. Product Managers worldwide have embraced Atlassian's JIRA to help them bring order to their chaotic Agile development projects. The software's ability to centralize issue management and assign them priorities and categories keeps entire teams organized and on track. But, even in JIRA's superior environment, there are situations where a more nuanced approach to issue ranking is required - Product Owners need a tool that will let them get to the heart of their priorities. This is the functionality that we have added with our new add-on, Comala Agile Ranking. Gorka will teach attendees how to use Comala Agile Ranking to create ranked backlogs, and how to create Sprint plans from those ranked issues. This additional ranking step will make your Agile Development processes more efficient, and is likely to increase overall team satisfaction

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Referent: Gorka Puente