Agile & Technical Debt: Slowing Down to Speed Up!

Thema: Tipps & Tricks zum Überleben in der agilen Welt

Zielgruppe: Beginner

Technical debt, if not managed properly, will have technical and economic implications on software projects as well as psychological impact on teams. Learn how to use simple Agile techniques and metrics to detect, control, and reduce technical debt, thus boosting productivity and helping engineering teams focus on delivering business value. The session aims to provide an overview of technical debt in software projects run using Scrum and walk the audience through suggested Agile techniques and metrics to detect, control, measure and reduce technical debt. The session will be very interactive aiming to encourage an exchange of experiences from the audience. The talk will provide an overview of: • Technical debt, its economic and psychological implications: The happiness factor • Techniques and agile metrics to detect technical debt - Definition of Done and debt prevention • Agile techniques to control and reduce technical debt


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