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Lise is passionate about impactful change and the future of work. In her recent TEDx talk, she talks about emergent approaches to change. She has a multifaceted background, having studied corporate finance and strategy, international relations and trained as professional coach certified by the International Coaching Federation. She currently works for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development where she has had a varied career as Economist, Banker, Advisor to the President, Head of Office for the CFO/COO, and now Director for Organisational Design.Lise does not think in terms of “either or” but embraces both life and work wholeheartedly, uncovering creative, innovative paths for herself and others. In her spare time, she runs a boutique leadership coaching practice with clients across the globe and leads a course on agile working at Sciences Po Paris. A Franco-German national, Lise has been living in London for 12 years with her husband and three children and only recently moved to Switzerland. When little, she was a competitive ice skater and sang in Puccini’s La Boheme! Today, you can spot her outside, undertaking long distance hikes and cycling. 

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