200 years Scrum - know the whole story, coach with impact

Thema: Coaching

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

Follow us to the ideas behind Agile, Scrum and the Toyota Production System. Did you know that Daily Kaizen was brought from the U. S. to Japan? Did you know that the original concept of a Product Owner was created in Germany first? The evolution of Scrum concepts fell in times of great societal changes. They always served a higher purpose, beyond a team or a company. Knowing that history helps us to explain the essence of Scrum ideas today. You will discover that these ideas changed the world in the past and it will inspire you how to use Scrum for improving the world today. If coaches know the historical roots, they will easily make sure that their coachees have an intuitive understanding of the roles Product Owner and Scrum Master. Coaches, clients and stakeholders do not need to learn the role descriptions by heart. They will grasp them immediately. This knowledge helps you as a coach to work with stakeholders outside the Scrum Teams. It shows a clear picture of the future collaboration.

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Referent: Jan Fischbach
Common Sense Team GmbH, HLSC GmbH