About Visualizing, Visions and Mutual Understanding in Agile Teams

Thema: Tipps, Tricks und Tools

Zielgruppe: Beginner

In product development in general - not only Scrum - there is a variety of folks involved like stakeholders, Product Owners, Developers etc. It´s a mastery to keep balance between defining just enough requirements as little as possible to enable and foster experimental progress to involve customer (or better user) feedback. If you define too many requirements you loose the flexibility in development, but if you define too few requirements then you risk to get something totally off your original intent. That wastes the biggest part of potential gain which you could get from agile development. One essential ingredient is the close cooperation of developers and analsysts, stakteholders and their customers. This talk focuses on how to use visualization and creating together visions to come to a mutual understanding. That goes with a unique big picture for all to be able to minimize time and budget waste. Ellen walks through several approaches. From the advantages of big workshops involving many parties to work on a combined vision up to small group work or process changes which all target the understanding through shared metaphors and pictures. Ellen shows that this is based on natural human behavior and how to use this phenomenon in spite of differences and meanings. Last but not least how to include this usage of visualization and vision work into every day life.

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Referent: Ellen Hermens
iteratec GmbH