Leveraging the Three Vs to bridge the Product Management Vacuum

Thema: Scrum across the organization

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

Abstract: In between the larger organizational goals and the day-to-day work of Development Teams, exists a vacuum. The thing about any vacuum is that it has an innate need to be filled. If we are not careful, this 'Product Management Vacuum' will get filled with meaningless busy work and extensive task management. Being busy without clear direction. This session introduces the 3 V's -- Vision, Value, Validation -- as a way to get out in front of this problem. All participants will leave with a Product/Program Management Dashboard to help bring visibility to the 3 V's and to keep the vacuum filled the right way. Learning Outcomes: -Awareness of the Product Management Vacuum -Use techniques for creating and communicating a product Vision -Capture metrics and practices that represent Value -Establish shorter feedback loops with stakeholders and the marketplace for product Validation -Use the Product Owner Dashboard

Präsentation-URL: https://effectiveagile.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Product-Management-Vacuum_20180807.pdf

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Referent: Ralph Jocham
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