Futurespective - The future of the retrospective: cultivating purpose-driven teams

Thema: Zukunft

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

Today, teams are experiencing a great deal of pressure, regardless of their position in organisations. They would like to serve their organisation in the best way they can. Often they are compromising their most sacred values and principles, goals and direction, just so that they can complete their tasks. Fake Agile, Zombie Scrum, are just synonyms to the prevailing lack of purpose and goal orientation in organisations and I wanted a way to solve that. We all know the power of goals, the fire cultivated by purpose, the thrill of success, and the dream of leaving something great behind. To make this possible, I set up a new session that replaced the retrospective - the futurespective. The futurespective can help teams equip themselves and fortify their intentions with an iterative goal-attainment approach that contextualises their everyday work with a success-conscious mindset. The futurespective has already been presented in the Agile Unconference 2019 and the Agile Tour Zürich 2019 in Zürich. It continues to inspire scrum masters as a possible alternative to the problem-focused retrospective towards more solution-focused implementation. The futurespective used to be a kind of retrospective, I turned it into a complete scrum event with by integrating the OKR goal-attaining methodology as well as establishing a totally different agenda than the infamous Derby Retrospective format. I would like to share the futurespective, to give teams the solidarity of purpose and success.

Präsentation-URL: https://www.futurespective.org

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Referent: Sufi Mohamed
SPF Consulting AG