Project Chameleon - Introducing Agile under the radar

Thema: Scrum across the organization

Zielgruppe: Beginner

Short version: How do you introduce Agile to a large bureaucratic organisation? This is a story about an experiment we started at EBRD (the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and the lessons learned along the way. We worked on this from within the Bank with sporadic use of some external consultants. I will talk about 1/ How we went about introducing Agile to EBRD, combining both top down and bottom up approaches; 2/ How we went about embedding Scrum in our organisational fabric and 3/ What next? Challenges for Scrum in the Public Service / large bureaucratic organisations and possible solutions. My talk is not about theory, but highly practical. I will be sharing concrete examples of various experiments we ran; some worked, other didn’t, requiring us to pivot and adapt along the way.

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