Scrum outside of software development: pushing its limits

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Scrum outside of software development: pushing its limits ========================================================= Scrum has become a mainstream method for developing software products. Much has been said about how to get the most of it, or how to scale it across the organization, but when it comes to use Scrum beyond software some of its components or rules are challeged. This talk will review some of those scenarios such as Scrum & User Experience or Scrum in Hardware Development. Developing software produts following a user experience design (UX) approach, like Lean UX, means putting outcomes over outputs. In this context some Scrum rules such as the one that mandates PBIs to be completed in a single Sprint are difficult to meet because of research activities. Other rules like that which says the increment is Done when meets the Sprint goal and is potentially releaseble are not enough to check its outcomes on users. Does that mean that we cannot use together Scrum and Lean UX? Yes, we can! When using Scrum for hardware development, many of the characteristics of software which fit intuitively in Scrum are not available. In a minimum complex development, a small team just cannot build all components. The increment is frequently not shippable regardless of the lenght of the Sprint. Does that mean that we cannot use Scrum in hardware development? Yes, we can! The key to tackle those challenges it to get back to the origins of the framework: fight work complexity implementing empirical process control through Scrum pillars: transparency, inspection and adaptation! PS: I will send a presentation later if you feel it may be interesting.

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Referent: Alex Ballarin