DevOps and Legacy

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Zielgruppe: Beginner

Unfortunately we can't all work in startup companies. Some of use have to deal with legacy code bases. These are often structured as a monolith and tightly coupled. They typically are hard to build and deploy. You might think all the new DevOps practices and toys are not suitable for your context. You are wrong! DevOps culture and practices can help you discover the new land while working in and with your legacy systems. The idea is not to continuously try and replace legacy, but find ways to work with it in a meaningful and sustainable way. We will discuss strategies to work with legacy code and still use DevOps practices and tools. These include breaking up of monolithic structures, migrating data and monitoring systems that aren't built to be monitored. We will show real-world examples of successful applications of these strategies. While dealing with legacy code will still be painful, you will have some applicable ideas to relieve your pain.


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Referent: Peter Götz
Kohlekumpels GmbH