Distributed Teams for Global Change

Thema: Alle Themen

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

The Internet put an infinite amount of information at our fingertips and ushered in a technological revolution. Now, we are in a new era where the ability to work from anywhere gives us an opportunity to embrace distributed teams and in so doing, better ourselves and our organizations. As global citizens and organizations, we must rethink who we hire, how we hire, and how we work across cultures, race, language, and ethnicity. Scrum provides a foundation for multinational, multilingual, and multicultural teams to work together to achieve more, especially in a distributed working environment. COVID helped us understand that we can work in a distributed way. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to leverage this moment to develop our global understanding of people and cultures all over the world. In this talk, we will review how Scrum—the most widely used Agile framework—helps create inclusive environments and provides the foundation for how to do this responsibly. We’ll share the benefits you can gain as individuals, teams, and organizations when you broaden who you work with and push your understanding of yourself, your teams, your organization, and what you can accomplish.

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Co-Referent: Dr. Jeff Sutherland