Practical Open Approaches to Org-level Change

Thema: Scrum is designed to fix reality

Zielgruppe: Beginner, Fortgeschritten

Change is not simple and Scrum is a tool for managing complexity. OK, great: how do we get quick ROI when Scrum is introduced? Can Scrum be forced? This session describes 4 specific tools & techniques you can use *tomorrow* to demonstrate a very quick return on investment with Scrum. Without forcing it. Each of these real-world tools is described with true stories of real success inside huge organizations: Inviting Participation: Forcing change does not lead to optimal results, because engineers have a strong need for perceived control. Asking for volunteers who will pioneer the change is a proven success pattern. Leadership Storytelling and Narrative Shaping: Change creates strong demand for a clear & coherent story of what is happening. Smart executives leaders will leverage this dynamic by shaping an inspiring story about the present and the future. The Epic Refinement Event Most large enterprises create 3-month plans, but are not skilled in Epic and Story Refinement, which is essential. We introduce the Epic Refinement event with real-world stories of success. The Product Team "The P.O. is a person, not a committee." True- with some caveats. We introduce the Product Team, consisting of a P.O. and the Product professionals who depend on him or her. We emphasize how establishing a Product Team leads to genuine success through collaboration fostered by the team leadership of the Product Owner Everyone who participates receives a kit of supporting checklists and other resources for your journey with these tools.

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Referent: Daniel Mezick
New Technology Solutions, Inc.