Project management and the Agile Communities – Can (and Should) we Build more Bridges?

Thema: Welcher-Vortrag-fehlt-hier

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

In this talk, we will look at the history of PMI as well as the organization’s recent transformation journey in attempts to get closer to the agile world (and why they are doing that). This will lead us to discuss Disciplined Agile and what it now represents since its acquisition by PMI in 2019. Let’s also take a quick glance at some other well-known organizations in the project management space, such as IPMA, SAFe, … and how they compare to each other, especially from a practitioner’s point of view. Speaking of practitioners (project managers, project team members, product development experts, and others): Do we know what the people associated with PMI want? And what the people associated with Scrum organizations want? And what about everyone else? Let us look at data that we have and also use instant audience surveys, in an attempt to answer the question: What are the needs of the people working “out there” and how are these needs understood and met (or not met) by the professional associations that they can connect with? Are there any fields that the people feel are not tackled by either organization and standards (enough)? In the end, how could we get their perspectives closer together and consolidate? Also: Why would we even want to do that - what could be the gain? Some suggestions and ideas, and discussion with the audience members can help us find maybe not all, but some answers to these surely tricky, but interesting questions.


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Referent: Antje Lehmann-Benz
Antje Lehmann Training + Consulting