Why Inviting Works

Thema: Scrum is designed to fix reality

Zielgruppe: Beginner, Fortgeschritten

Here is an interesting observation. As rank and file, we yearned to have a stake, or at least a say, in decisions; that our managers would value our voice and opinion. We wanted to make progress in the responsibility process and have greater ownership in product strategy; that when we step up one day, we would be the managers that we always wanted to have. How strange is it, then, that such managers are still hard to come by today? We forget, when we are in a position of authority, that mandates and impositions really work against fostering engagement and hence, one’s willingness to own outcomes. The concept of Invitation is integral to a coach’s being. In this session, we will uncover why Invitation works for everyone, at every level, for raising engagement and responsibility. We will also explore possible reasons for why people may resist Invitation as an approach, and how we can raise the impact of Invitation in practical terms. I will share real scenarios and demonstrate how powerful Invitations can be in generating engagement from teams, the organisation, and even upwards to the executive leadership level.

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