Winning Your Scrums

Thema: Scrum is designed to fix reality

Zielgruppe: Beginner

Being Agile or using Scrum is not the end goal of any transformation, instead they are tools that are used to create a new reality, a reality based on continuous improvement and frequent value delivery. However, if Scrum is not introduced to the organization properly and the necessary mindset and eco-system is not established up front, Scrum will quickly wither and die. In this presentation, enterprise Agile coach and executive consultant Joseph DeAngelis will show you how to introduce Scrum to your organization the right way and describe the necessary components to support this new culture of continuous improvement and value delivery. Topics will include: 1. Establishing an Executive Action Team 2. Setting up an impediment escalation system so tickets flow from teams to middle management, to executives in a matter of days, not weeks or months 3. Removing dependence on SRE to deploy increments of value 4. Aligning your Scrum teams to a transparent high-level backlog of Initiatives Everyone attending this talk with get a checklist that they can use to implement some or all that is learned here.

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