You Don’t Need Permission

Thema: Scrum is designed to fix reality

Zielgruppe: Beginner, Fortgeschritten

This 3-speaker session focuses on very specific practical things you can do, tomorrow, as a Scrum Master, that will move that ball down the field. Without requiring any additional permission or authorization. You can just do these things tomorrow, and get strong results. Each speaker is bringing practical & proven techniques from their work implementing Scrum in larger organizations. Daniel Mezick (professional Scrum coach, Leadership Team Member & Founder, You Don't Need Permission to Invite Change Teams need the cooperation of Product folks to be successful. A great way to get Product on board is to invite them to “suspend disbelief” for 2 or 3 Sprints, working in new ways and followed by a candid & critical inspection of the results of those experiments. In this session we explain how to invite temporary experiments with a new set of new tools: Product Teams, Epic Refinement, and Ideal Outcomes. Ann Brea (professional Scrum coach, Leadership Team Member, : You Don't Need Permission to Serve the Organization We talk often about Scrum Masters serving Dev Teams and the Product Owner. The Scrum Guide also describes how the Scrum Master serves the organization. In this session we describe 2 specific techniques for serving the organization: Layered Champions, and Value Stream Maps. Joe DeAngelis (professional Scrum coach, Operational Leader, You Don't Need Permission to Improve “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.” Thus a team is not even an Agile team if the team does not intend to continuously improve. You the Scrum Master can help this, by creating great retrospectives. Teams don’t need permission to reserve a small amount of capacity each sprint to execute their improvement goals- JUST DO IT. In this session we’ll show you how.

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