Resist the ABCs of Agile Frameworks: Great Systems Arise From Solving Real Business Problems



Resist the ABCs of Agile Frameworks: Great Systems Arise From Solving Real Business Problems Many of us have been involved in a so-called "Agile Transformation", whether it be leading the transformation as an executive leader, facilitating the transformation as a coach or consultant, or just being a participant caught up in the whirlwind of the promise of change. Most transformations start with being introduced to your new coach who will tell you what your organization is doing wrong and teach you the ABCs of a new framework; a framework that promises to correct all the errors of the past and lead your company to the salvation that is Agility. You will adopt new roles like Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer, and learn new terms like Story Points, Sprints and PIs. Fast forward 12 months, people around you have new job titles, your team attends recurring meetings, and you still haven't quite got the hang of story pointing. But more importantly, the promise of working at a sustainable pace or ending the sudden shifts in priorities has never really come true; you are constantly hammered down by new measurements like velocity and acceleration, and as an organization, nothing has really changed other than you belong to a team with a really cool name. People around you say we are Agile, but to you it's the same organization with a fresh coat of paint. Agile Transformations fail because we never start with Why we are doing the transformation in the first place. We never identify the real business problems that are holding our company back from success, we never set a vision of what our transformed company will look like nor do we communicate the first steps we will take together to achieve that vision. We just adopt whatever framework that is thrown at us and go through the motions, never really understanding the purpose of it all. In this presentation, Enterprise Agile Leader Joseph DeAngelis will present two case studies of successful transformations, one from his current company Nuance Communications (now part of Microsoft) and the other from Rocket Central. What do these case studies have in common? Did real positive change occur? Were there really measurable improvements? Come to this presentation and find the answers to these questions and more ... BIO Joseph DeAngelis is a Transformation Leader, Coach and Consultant at Nuance Communication (now part of Microsoft) where he coaches, trains and advises senior leadership, middle management, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Scrum Teams developing leading Conversational AI Healthcare Solutions. Previously, Joseph has coached and consulted at Fortune 500 companies Fidelity Investments, State Street Bank and Cisco, and a Fortune 100 company Liberty Mutual. Joseph's background is in software development and senior management, and prior to becoming a Transformational Leader served as a Scrum Master and Product Owner for dozens of Scrum teams across the industry.

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