Don't Kata Corners

Thema: Lieferfähigkeit durch digitale Kultur, Zusammenarbeit und Nachhaltigkeit

Zielgruppe: Beginner

Three out of four agile transformations fail based on a McKinsey study created in conjunction with the Agile Alliance in 2022. The number one reason is the lack of cultural change. Using a waterfall process for a transformation, like many companies do, is the wrong recipe for success. Culture does not become alive in powerpoint decks or fancy framework illustrations. Culture changes when people change behaviors and do things differently. Those behaviors don’t change overnight. The Agile Kata is a very unique approach. It is a pattern to drive change by deliberately practicing it until it becomes a new habit. In this talk, Joe shares how the Agile Kata is fundamentally different and how you can apply this universal pattern to improve your agile transformation, reaching a higher degree of business agility, or to reduce Zombie Scrum behavior. It can even be the starting point for introducing any agile change into your organization.

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Referent: Joe Krebs