Online Meetings that Feel (Almost) Real

Thema: Scrum Master

Zielgruppe: Beginner

We all know that one of the principles of Agile is face-to-face communication. As much as we can, we trying to get teams collocated. However, often this is not possible because of various reasons that we can’t influence, many of which are in fact quite sensible. So, how do you run Agile ceremonies and team meetings online so that they don’t lose in effectiveness? This question bothered us for a long time. As the result, we developed our own approach to online facilitation that is based on a number of principles and certain tools. The approach has been time-tested: we used it for a few years in various distributed teams. From our talk, you will learn the principles and the practices of online facilitation that will help you keep your online session almost as effective as the physical ones and get outcomes of comparable quality. You will see real-life examples of retrospective and other meetings that will help you to understand how to apply the principles and how to use tools to get the most of them. Last, you will get the list of the tools of our choice that we believe will help you with your daily practice of online facilitation.


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Referent: Kiryl Baranoshnik

Co-Referent: Nastassia Krupiankova
AgileLAB GmbH