Understanding Mental Associations and its impact on the mindset of Scrum teams

Thema: Welcher-Vortrag-fehlt-hier

Zielgruppe: Fortgeschritten

Scrum is often cited to be one of the most successful Agile frameworks to build complex products and solve real life problems. But there has been a constant struggle to master the art of practicing scrum. Much of this challenge goes back to the mindset of the members of the scrum team. However, it is difficult to understand which areas of the mindset puzzle needs attention and nurturing. This paper attempts to understand if individual mental associations have an impact on the mindset of Scrum teams. Interviews with 70 members of 10 Scrum teams were conducted. The result of the research shows evidence of specific patterns between mental associations of team members and their mindsets which can be used by Agile practitioners to identify the root cause of resistance to mindset shifts.


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